The Sixth International Radio Forum

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In the era of modern media, "Radio" is paving a new way. Modern communication technologies have opened up new horizons on the Radio. The 6th International Radio Forum meeting is held with the aim of gathering the latest scientific achievements on Radio broadcasting in Iran and the world, exchanging views with researchers and experts, besides sharing experiences about this media.

The main focus of the Sixth International Radio Forum is "Radio, Future Prospective and Production in the inter-media space."
The Radio of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in collaboration with the Radio communication division of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the participation of the Iranian universities, will hold the summit in April 2019.

Main Fields:

1. Radio in the Network Era

- Radio on the Internet
- Podcast Industry
- Radio and Social Media
- Radio and Multimedia
- Radio and Smart Phone
- Radio and Location-based Services

2. Radio and Futurology Studies

- Producing Radio Content in Compatible with new Technologies (Hybrid Radio, Digital, etc.)
- Distributing and Sharing Radio Content
- Radio and Data Based Audio
- Radio and Smart Speaker
- Radio and User-generated Content

3. Radio and Innovation in Programming

- Radio covering area: Radio for Special Features, Congregational Radio, University Radio, Radio for School and etc.
- Radio Formats (Documentary, Show, Features and so on)
- Radio and Music
- Radio and Religious Programming
- Radio and Interactional Programming
- Radio Books
- Radio and Entertainment (Sports, Competitions, Humor)
- Radio and Informatics (Citizen journalism, Local, Provincial and Urban Informatics)

4. Radio and Culture

- Radio, National Identity and Cultural Consistency
- Radio, National and Native Languages
- Radio and Seven Arts
- Radio and Education
- Radio and Culture of Resistance
- Radio and Culture of the People
- Radio and tourism

5. Radio and Society

- Radio and Family
- Radio and Lifestyle
- Radio and Health
- Radio and the Environment
- Radio, Hope Creation and Social Happiness


6. Radio and Economics

- Radio and Entrepreneurship
- Radio and Modifying the Pattern of Consumption
- Radio and Resistance Economics
- Radio, Knowledge-based and People-centered Economics


A Guide for writing and sending abstracts of articles

It should be highly appreciated if the researchers submit the abstract of the article (Persian, English) along with the key words (4 to 6 words) to the e-mail address of the International Radio Forum (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The abstract should contain a maximum of 250 words and a summary of the research purpose, methodology, findings and conclusions.

 All inbound referrals should be set up in accordance with APA Writing Style



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Receiving Abstracts of Articles


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Announcing the Results of the Arbitration


Date of the Event

About Us

The International Radio Forum is an opportunity for interchanging views and thoughts among Radio operators and authorities from different countries. It is an opportunity which can lead to the growth and prosperity of the views and thoughts in the unique field of Radio. The Radio of the Islamic Republic of Iran has held five rounds of the International Radio Forum, with the following objectives and missions:


  1. Maintaining and improving the position of Radio in the media sector
  2. Creating a consistent community of scholars for Radio's future development
  3. Raising the role of the Radio in the age of the Globalization
  4. Strengthening the Radio's scientific basis


  1. Identifying the potential capabilities of the Radio as a media
  2. Establishing the interaction among Radio scholars and other researchers
  3. Interchanging thoughts and scientific notions among the contributors
  4. Congratulating new plans and ideas in the field of the Radio
  5. Create the necessary motivation for the agents in the field of Radio programming
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