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The reports of radio’s death have been greatly exaggerated. 
Research have established and proven that Public Broadcast Radio in Malaysia is still very much relevant. Radio continues to draw listeners even after all these years with statistics showing that it reaches out to 97.2% of Malaysians weekly. That shared experience and human connection is what people enjoy most from radio. Public Radio in Malaysia embraces the Digital Future.  Public Radio content is now available through broadcast New media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The facts that people can now listen to radio content any where at any time with their smartphones making radio very relevant and engaging.  Public Radio in Malaysia still a viable source for information, news and entertainment with focus  on content diversity (more program and new features ).  The rapidly changing media environment also making public radio broadcasting more and more vital as a source of unbiased news, local cultural programming, and non-commercial educational programs designed to enhance the quality of life of our local communities.  Public Radio in Malaysia is also a source of youth programming, public affairs, music, and culture information that is often not provided by other sources. One reason why public radio broadcasting is so highly trusted by the Malaysian is because it reflects the values of viewers and listeners, not advertisers.  While many people thought the rise of digital would be the death of radio, it has instead enhanced the experience.

About Us

The International Radio Forum is an opportunity for interchanging views and thoughts among Radio operators and authorities from different countries. It is an opportunity which can lead to the growth and prosperity of the views and thoughts in the unique field of Radio. The Radio of the Islamic Republic of Iran has held five rounds of the International Radio Forum, with the following objectives and missions:


  1. Maintaining and improving the position of Radio in the media sector
  2. Creating a consistent community of scholars for Radio's future development
  3. Raising the role of the Radio in the age of the Globalization
  4. Strengthening the Radio's scientific basis


  1. Identifying the potential capabilities of the Radio as a media
  2. Establishing the interaction among Radio scholars and other researchers
  3. Interchanging thoughts and scientific notions among the contributors
  4. Congratulating new plans and ideas in the field of the Radio
  5. Create the necessary motivation for the agents in the field of Radio programming
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