Radio, futurology studies and Citizen Journalism

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John Maguire , Director of International Relations and Cooperation, France Medias Monde


I will be referring to two projects at France Médias Monde which are based on mobile telephony in order to create networks are reach people who would not necessarily have access to our legacy platforms such as radio and television. One project concerns migration and the other climate change. 
InfoMigrants is a news and information site for migrants to counter misinformation at every point of their journey: in their country of origin, along the route, or in the places where they hope to start a new life. InfoMigrants is available in five languages: French, Arabic, Dari, Pashto and English. Migrants are in need of verified and balanced information, which is often difficult for them to access during their journey. Even before they leave their homes, migrants are exposed to a proliferation of poor and unreliable information. Studies show that the majority of migrants receive most of their information from human traffickers and smugglers, who seek to mislead and manipulate them.

InfoMigrants is produced by three major European media sources: France Médias Monde (France 24, Radio France Internationale, Monte Carlo Doualiya), the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and the Italian press agency ANSA. It is monitored by the British-based Open University. InfoMigrants is co-financed by the European Union.
ePOP – eParticipatory Observers Project – is conceived by RFI Planète Radio (France Médias Monde Group) and developed with the IRD (National French Research institute for Sustainable Development). This innovative project is built on an international network of young observers, committed and filled with solidarity, who use smartphones to produce in a participative way short videos of 2-3 minutes, aiming at collecting the perceptions of populations about the impacts of global changes (climate and environmental changes).
The ePOP project is also based on an innovative approach to sustainable development and environmental awareness. It is based on a training where the beginner is learning by acting.  In addition the project favours interaction between science, societies and the media involving youth from the five continents.

About Us

The International Radio Forum is an opportunity for interchanging views and thoughts among Radio operators and authorities from different countries. It is an opportunity which can lead to the growth and prosperity of the views and thoughts in the unique field of Radio. The Radio of the Islamic Republic of Iran has held five rounds of the International Radio Forum, with the following objectives and missions:


  1. Maintaining and improving the position of Radio in the media sector
  2. Creating a consistent community of scholars for Radio's future development
  3. Raising the role of the Radio in the age of the Globalization
  4. Strengthening the Radio's scientific basis


  1. Identifying the potential capabilities of the Radio as a media
  2. Establishing the interaction among Radio scholars and other researchers
  3. Interchanging thoughts and scientific notions among the contributors
  4. Congratulating new plans and ideas in the field of the Radio
  5. Create the necessary motivation for the agents in the field of Radio programming
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