Radio and data-based audio

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Wim Moortgat, Manager Audio Technology, VRT (Belgium)


Formerly, the main goal was to have a radio station with a good sound. Nowadays, the look and feel and additional information are all becoming increasingly important. Metadata in the whole chain will become a primary asset for your radio station, allowing you to enrich the experience of radio on all (future) platforms.

Radio should have a prominent place in a car dashboard. With more and larger screens in a car, it will be key to provide all necessary metadata (EPG, now on air, etc.) and appealing visuals (station logos and art covers).

Interactivity will engage your listeners better. Through different platforms, you can have a conversation. In future, just listening to customers won’t be enough, they’ll want answers as well. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence can help achieve this.

Data analytics from the receivers will enable us to improve our content continuously and bring a personalized offer to our listeners. Data analytics are not only for strategic planning; they can also benefit your editorial people to help improve programming.

Radio stations that work with good metadata flows and visuals will generate more impact in the future.

About Us

The International Radio Forum is an opportunity for interchanging views and thoughts among Radio operators and authorities from different countries. It is an opportunity which can lead to the growth and prosperity of the views and thoughts in the unique field of Radio. The Radio of the Islamic Republic of Iran has held five rounds of the International Radio Forum, with the following objectives and missions:


  1. Maintaining and improving the position of Radio in the media sector
  2. Creating a consistent community of scholars for Radio's future development
  3. Raising the role of the Radio in the age of the Globalization
  4. Strengthening the Radio's scientific basis


  1. Identifying the potential capabilities of the Radio as a media
  2. Establishing the interaction among Radio scholars and other researchers
  3. Interchanging thoughts and scientific notions among the contributors
  4. Congratulating new plans and ideas in the field of the Radio
  5. Create the necessary motivation for the agents in the field of Radio programming
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